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Location goes by nearest military base:

  • at the location of the war or border invasion: 5
  • next to the location of the war: 4
  • close to the location of the war: 3
  • far from location of the war: 2
  • other side of the world: 1

Tactical Advantage

  • attacker's advantage: 1
  • knowledge of landscape: 2
  • this counts if: Defender has had territory for 20+years OR Attacker has owned territory attacked within the past 20 years.
  • If Casus Belli exists, then +1 for attacker. If it doesn't, +1 for defender. (This rule will be applied after 1943)


  • Allies: for each ally participating in the war +1 point
  • Participants: material aid = 2 pts and military = 3 pts. If a material aid nation withdraws, the nation loses 1 point if the war isn’t over 3 seasons after withdrawal. For military aid nations, the aided nation loses 1 point if the aiding nation changes sides (the other nation gains, however, only 2 points)
  • country has developed military: 1 for each turn dedicated to military or military technology in the last 15 years. This resets after every war
  • expansion: -1 for every turn used for expansion in the past 10 years, as it uses resources and money (unless done by mercenaries, then -0.5 as only $$$ used)
  • Major tech advancement on your side: 5
  • Population: number of digits in population (100 000 000 = 9, 100 000=6), 2 pt bonus may be granted for larger population if both nations have equal digits in population (ex. 15 000 000 and 50 000 000, 50 000 000 gets +2)
  • Larger industrial base: +2


  • motive is life or death (country's sovereign existence is threatened or nuclear threat): 10
  • motive is religious: 7
  • motive is social or moral: 6
  • motive is political: 5
  • motive is economic: 3

Government Popularity

  • Loved: 5
  • Liked: 2
  • Tolerated: 0
  • Not Liked: -2
  • Hated: -5

Bonuses for Government Popularity include:

  • Controlled press: +1
  • positive moderator event in past 5 years: +1
  • negative moderator event in past 10 years: -1


  • Terrain at the front is urban: -1 Attacker / +1 Defender
  • Amphibious invasion: -2 Defender /+2 Attacker
  • Defending nation is island: +2 Defender /-2 Attacker
  • Adjudications must remain in the -1 /+1 format
  • Additional adjudications may be added by neutral mods (ex. China invades Siberia-it's friggin cold, -2A /+2D, Saudi Arabia invades Yemen, they’re both desert nations, no adjudication)


  • Country has no international trade: -2
  • Population center occupied: -2
  • Industrial centers occupied: -1
  • Opponent is hated by nation: +1
  • Usage of Chemical weapons/WMDs: +3 (only available after 1890) (opponent gets +1 in motive for each use)
  • Nuclear Arsenal; +10 (only available after 1950) (opponent gets automatic 10 in motive)


0 to 9 points will be awarded to each person based on chance. Factors will be the opponent's edit count (as indicated by the edit count on the profile of user x) and which will then be divided by the precise time when the country declares war or acknowledges the others declaration of war (only hr. and min.) or The product of the non-zero digits of the time by UTC (0:00 yields 1). The result is multiplied by pi and the hundredths digit is the amount of points that person gets (e.g. 123.8377 yields 3). Mods will use for NPCs


Only Doctor261 can apply and confirm a result. DO NOT edit that part. It is dependent to the situation, wherever there are % or the full territory to be taken over.


Anyone is free to discuss here, with signature of four quotes (~~~~).

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