Location goes by capital city.

  • at the location of the war: 5
  • next to the location of the war: 4
  • close to the location of the war: 3
  • far from location of the war: 2
  • other side of the world: 1
  • Antarctica: 0

Tactical Advantage


  • No defenses, open field, etc: 1
  • High ground/ambush: 2
  • Tribal Ambush/Unconventional Warfare: 2
  • Basic earthworks, makeshift defenses, ruins: 3
  • Fortifications, Dug in defenses: 4
  • High-security fortress: 5


  • No defenses, open field, etc: 1
  • High ground/ambush: 2

A country receives high ground/ambush if:
1)The battle location, or area where the army in question is located has a high topographic prominence, meaning it is surrounded by areas of significantly lower elevation. Even plateaus count, but it must be so that the enemy has to climb the mountain to capture the location.
2) The defenders are meeting a force invading from the coast. This means in all invasions involving crossing water in boats/ships and meeting an enemy immediately at the beach starts at this level.

Nations Per Side on the War

  • M for military aid (+3), S for supplies (+2), V for vassalization or subordination (-1) and then W for withdrawal (-1).

Military Development

  • Your current army score * 10
  • If you are defending, your Economic score is also included, multiplied by 5.
  • If the battle is near water, and you have a navy stationed nearby then your naval score is also included, multiplied by 3
  • Your total number of colonies * 3


  • expansion: -1 for every turn used for expansion in the past 5 years


  • motive is life or death (country's sovereign existence is threatened): 10
  • motive is religious: 7
  • motive is social or moral: 6
  • motive is political: 5
  • motive is economic: 3

If there are multiple motives, the one told to the army will be selected.


Chance 0 to 9 points will be awarded to each person based on chance. The Chance will be decided by a Random Number Generator of 1-10.


All nations get a +10 on this

Number of Troops

  • Friendly soldiers / Enemy soldiers X 3


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