Région d’Algérie
Region of Algeria
800px-Flag of FrenchAlgeria
Official language Arabic, French
Capital Algiers
Emperor Napoleon VI
Regional President Abdelaziz Belkhadem
Establishment 1949
Currency French Franc
Religions Islam, Christianity

Algeria is an autonomous region within the French Empire since 1949.


Although Algeria is considered as one of the 29 regions of the French Empire, it has a different legal status than the 28 other regions. Since 1949 "Year of Emancipation", the former colony became an autonomous region within the French Empire. The power of the Regional President is larger than other Regional Presidents. The region's National Assembly has considerable powers. Abdelaziz Belkhadem of the moderate right Parti National Démocratique Algérien (PNDA) is the regional President since 2000. The centrist Bloc Algérien led by Said Sadi forms the opposition.

Last Election

2008 Regional Elections in Algeria

Contrary to other French regional elections, Algeria's 230 member National Assembly is elected through proportional party-list system. There is a 5% threshold.

Next elections in 2012.

Party Total
Bloc Algérien 64 25.6%
Parti National Démocratique Algérien 44 17.4%
Parti Social-Démocratique Algérien (PSDF affiliated) 41 16.2%
Parti Démocratique Français (Section Algérie) 32 12.7%
Centre Démocratique Algérien (CDF affiliated) 25 10.2%
Mouvement de la Renaissance Islamique 12 5.1%
Union pour l'Algérie française (Mouvement Populaire-Front Imperial Français) 12 5.1%
Parti du Rénouveau Algérien 12 4.1%
Les Verts 0 2.5%
Front de Libération National 0 1.1%
Totals 230 100%

Administrative Regions

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