Kingdom of Algeria

Reino de Algeria
مملكة الجزائر

OTL equivalent: Algeria
Flag of Algeria (PMIII).png
بالشّعب وللشّعب By the people and for the people
(and largest city)
Other cities Oran
Official languages Berber, Arabic, French, Spanish
Ethnic groups  Berber-Arab, French, Spanish
Demonym Algerian
 -  Queen Diana
 -  Prime Minister Idris Suria
Legislature Algerian Senate
 -  Creation of the Kingdom September 19, 1890 
 -   estimate 7,000,000 
Currency Algerian dinar (ALD)
Time zone CMT -2
The Kingdom of Algeria, more commonly known as Algeria, is a nation in Northern Africa and a Spanish protectorate. The King of Algeria is a cousin of the King of Spain. Algeria used to be a French colony, but became an independent nation after the Roman intervention in Africa. Algeria was in a chaotic state for approximately a year before Spain aided the rise of a democratic government and installed the new king. Algeria continues to prosper under the wing of Spain. The current Prime Minister is Idris Suria, leader of the Algerian Democratic Front.