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Альфред Эдуардович Ливоскин/Al'fred Eduardovich Livoskin
Alfred Livoskin
Timeline: The Green North

Alfred Livoskin
Alfred Livoskin photographed in 1916

Marshal of the Armed Forces of the United Subjects of Romanova
1917 – 1952

Predecessor Position created (Country established)
Successor Yevgeniy Vachinsky
Born 4 November 1887
BritishGreenland Wednesbury-upon-Kangerlussuaq, British Greenland
Died 9 January 1954

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Romanova Peter City, Romanova

Spouse Anna Gerasimovna Livoskina
Profession Marshal

Alfred Eduardovich Livoskin (Russian: Альфред Эдуардович Ливоскин, Al'fred Eduardovich Livoskin) was a British-Russian marshal of the Imperial Russian Army and the first commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the United Subjects of Romanova.


Early life

Livoskin was born on 4 November 1887 to Baron Edward Ivor Gracie Livoskin, 3rd Baron Livoskin and his wife Victoria in their mansion in the village of Wednesbury-upon-Kangerlussuaq in northern British Greenland. As a member of the influential Gracie clan, Alfred was groomed right from birth to become a soldier and a statesman. He was educated in Harrow School and United Services College, Devon.



Honors and Awards