Alfred Hugenberg
Timeline: Der Führer ist Tot

Alfred Hugenberg
Portrait of Alfred Hugenberg

1st Kanzler (Chancellor) of Nationalist Germany
January 30, 1936 - March 12, 1951

Predecessor Office created
Successor Joseph Göbbels

3rd Chairman of the DNVP
October 21, 1928 - March 12, 1951

Predecessor Kuno Graf von Westarp
Successor Joseph Göbbels
Born June 19, 1865
Hanover, Kingdom of Hanover
Died March 12, 1951
Berlin, Nationalist Germany
Spouse Gertrud Adickes
Political Party German National People's Party (DNVP)
Religion Protestantism

Alfred Ernst Christian Alexander Hugenberg was an influential German businessman and politician. Hugenberg, a leading figure within nationalist politics in Germany for the first half of the twentieth century, became the country's leading media proprietor within the inter-war period. More famously, Hugenberg was the dictator of Nat. Germany from 1936 until his death in 1951.

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