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Alfar, sometimes referred to as Elves, or Tuatha, are a demihuman race originally resulting from magical experimentation into immortality.


From the Old Norse álfr, and the name of the first Alfar, Alfred Holst. Holst was of Danish-German origin, and studied Norse/Germanic mythology as a companion to his study of magic. Following his transformation he took to using the name Alfar for his new form as a nod both to the Norse elves of myth as well as his own name, as he was the first of his kind.

The term Tuatha originated from the Tuatha Dé Danann, a race of fairy gods in Irish folklore. The term was mostly used to describe Alfar of the Irish Aes Sídhe clan, but has come to describe any Alfar of Celtic descent.


In many nations that accepted magic, research into immortality and modifying the human body with desired traits was common amongst practicioners, but experimentation and practical use of the research was often frowned upon due to societal or religious taboos. The first Alfar was a Danish Hanseatic mage by the name of Alfred Holst.

Major Communities

  • Alfheim, Vinland: The community established by Alfred Holst and his family, which eventually became the largest settlement of Alfar in the world.
  • Tír na nÓg, United Kingdom: The estate and lands of the Aes Sídhe clan of Irish nobility in northern Connacht.
  • Chimera: The independent nation of demihumans founded as a nation where all those of magical origin may live without political or religious oppression.

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