Tsardom of Aleyska
Царизм Аляски
Timeline: Revolution!

OTL equivalent: Alaska, Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Northern British Columbia
Aleyskanflag Lesser CoA of the empire of Russia
Flag Coat of Arms
North AmericaRev!Map
Location of Aleyska (Gold-Yellow)

Бог с нами! (Russian)
("God is with us!")

Anthem "God Save the Tsar!"
(and largest city)
Other cities Ferbenks, Kenai
Language Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Native Languages
Religion Aleyskan Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Islam
Demonym Aleyskan
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Duma
Tsar Maria I
  Royal house: Romanov
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
Population 25, 097, 669 
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared 1884
  recognized 1885
Currency New Aleyskan Ruble
Internet TLD .als
Organizations Union of Nations, North American Free Trade Area, Allied Treaty Organization, Union of Nations and Russophone Union.


The Tsardom of Aleyska first started out as one of the many attempts to colonize the harsh environment of the far reaches of North America. The Russian Empire began colonizing in the mid-to-late 18th century, eventually turning Aleyska into a fully fledged Dominion of the Russian Empire in the 1830s, eventually claiming most of OTL Northern British Columbia and what is now the Aleyskan State of Kodiak under the Oregon Treaty that solidified the northern borders of Canada, the United States and Aleyska.

With the beginning of the Russian Revolution in 1884, many Poles and Ukrainians fled the also collapsing Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, arriving to Anchorage and other port cities in droves, nearly overwhelming the local government if it weren't for timely aid shipments from Canada and Quebec.

A short lived insurrection, coupled with the refugee crisis, nearly overwhelmed the newly establish Provisional Russian Government in-exile, which for a time was headed by only Aleyskans as the Russian cabinet, with monarchy in tow, made their way across the treacherous Siberian tundra to Vladivostok, one the last Loyalist controlled ports in Russia.

In late September of 1884, Tsar Alexander III declared the old Empire to be dead, but a new one would 'Rise like a phoenix from the ashes'. The Tsardom of Aleyska was established on the now-historic Foundation Day of January 5th 1885, with Tsar Alexander I of Aleyska taking the throne. (However, his full title was His Imperial Highness of Aleyska and the Russian throne-in-exile)

Alexander III later met with US President Grover Cleveland, Canadian, British Prime Minister's John A. McDonald and William Gladstone, alongside Queen Victoria in a secretive meeting in Sikta, Canada to discuss the new implications of the Red Revolution. Having met newly exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany earlier in the year, the meeting between the Nations established an Trans-Atlantic alliance between the four Nations, alongside Austria-Hungary, France, Italy and the Netherlands. This alliance later evolved into what is now called the Allied Treaty Organization (ATO).

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