Alexi II
Tsar of Romanova

Alexei tren.jpg
Then Tsarevich Aleksey photographed wearing the uniform of a second lieutenant in the Romanovan Army, 1921
Tsar of Romanova
Reign 17 July 1946 - 13 December 1998
Coronation 30 July 1946
Predecessor Nicholas II
Successor Vladimir IV
Spouse Nina of Vysotsky
Issue Vladimir IV

Grand Duke Joseph Alexeevich
Grand Duke George Alexeevich
Grand Duchess Xenia Alexeevna
Grand Duke Boris Alexeevich
Grand Duchess Lyubov Alexeevna
Grand Duke Anthony Alexeevich

Full name
Aleksey Nikolayevich Romanov
House House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
Father Nicholas II of Russia
Mother Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse)
Born 12 August 1904
Peterhof, Russian Empire
Died 13 December 1998 (aged 94)
Peter City, Romanova
Burial 23 December 1998
Saints Peter and Paul Basilica, Peter City, Romanova
Religion Russian Orthodoxy
Signature SignatureAlexeyNikolaevich.jpg

Tsar Alexi II (Russian: Алексе́й II, Алексе́й Никола́евич Романов, tr. Aleksey II, Aleksey Nikolayevich Romanov) (12 August 1904 — 13 December 1998) of the House of Romanov, was the second Tsar of the United Subjects of Romanova. His official short title was Alexi II, Tsar of Romanova and Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. He was the youngest child and only son of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. Born with haemophilia, his mother's reliance on the starets Grigori Rasputin to treat the disease helped bring about the end of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. After the February Revolution of 1917, he and his family were sent into internal exile in Tobolsk, Siberia. They were escorted by White Russians to what would eventually become Romanova, where they became the symbols of unity, the people, and the eternal struggle of the country against Bolshevism.

Alexi II ruled from 17 July 1946 until 13 December 1998, when he died of natural causes. His rule saw Romanova become deeply involved in the Cold War, becoming one of the nations fighting on the front lines of the war that was fought mostly without a shot fired in anger. When the 1978 Donskoyan Revolution for Independence saw the overthrow of the Romanovan neighbor's Communist overlords, the Romanovan Army deployed between 5,000 to 10,000 soldiers to aid the Transitional Government of Donskoya in their fight to retake the country from the Democratic Left Party of Donskoya. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the end of the Donskoyan Civil War, which ended in 2008 with a Democratic victory.


Tsar Alexi and Empress Nina had seven children.

Portrait Name Birth Death Notes
Vladimir III Vladimir IV of Romanova 7 January 1948 26 December 2013 (aged 65) Became the third Tsar of Romanova
Joseph Alexeevich of Romanova Grand Duke Joseph Alexeevich 10 October 1950
Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire Grand Duke George Alexeevich 15 July 1952
Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire Grand Duchess Xenia Alexeevna 29 December 1954
Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire Grand Duke Boris Alexeevich 8 December 1956
Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire Grand Duchess Lyubov Alexeevna 19 July 1958
Anthony Alexeevich of Romanova Grand Duke Anthony Alexeevich 9 June 1960 3 April 2000 (aged 39) Died when his private plane crashed in Lake Severnyi just off of Peter City

Empress Nina also gave birth to a stillborn boy on March 15, 1962, and the attending physician thought that the baby had been dead "for at least two weeks to a month within her."

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