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A question rarely considered, what if Alexander the Great's conquests across Asia had never happened? Perhaps this event would have turned ripples in history into waves, and history as known today would be unrecognizable at best. Join this timeline on a two thousand year long journey through an alternate history. Welcome to Alexandros.

— A timeline written by JoshTheRoman.


The well known Alexander the Great is often regarded as one the best military generals of all time, albeit a not so well empire-builder. What is not that well known, is that this great king of Macedon, Alexander, almost died at the first major battle he led his troops into. In OTL, the Persian governor of Lydia, Spithridates was about to kill Alexander before Cleitus cut off his arm. But what if Cleitus was too far away to save Alexander, and the young conqueror had died that day, at the Granicus?

With such differences compared to our history, history after this point of divergence becomes completely unpredictable, and within a few centuries of these events, the world already looks unrecognizable.

Point of Divergence

Alexander the Great mosaic

Alexander III during the Battle of the Granicus.

Death of Alexander the Great (334 BC)

In 334 BC, Alexander of Macedon, in command of an army of Macedonians and Greek allies, launched an invasion of Anatolia, controlled by the Persian Empire. While marching, Alexander engaged an army of local cavalry and Greek mercenary infantry under the joint command of the Persian governors, beginning the Battle of the Granicus. Alexander led a charge of Macedonian shock cavalry against the enemy, and was momentarily cut off from the main army and surrounded. Alexander was struck by the satrap Spithridates, leaving him heavily disoriented and unable to defend himself, and after a second strike the young king Alexander was killed. With their general dead, the Macedonians were routed and the late Alexander’s expedition proves a failure, prompting his remaining army to return west.

The death of Alexander III would greatly alter the history of Ancient Greece and much of the Ancient World. Initially in Macedon a series of civil wars and rebellions would result in the coronation of Hephaestion as King of Macedon. In Epirus, King Aeacides would be killed in an unsuccessful invasion, leading to the conquest of Epirus by Macedon. Aeacides' death would also ensure that his son Pyrrhus was never born to succeed him. 

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