Alexandrius of Gaul
Princeps of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Consort Priscilla
Julius - Marinus
Full name
Alexandrius Postumus
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Father Postumus
Mother Adela
Born 3 May 268
Lutetia, Gaul
Died 3 Aug 309
Occupation Princeps of Gaul
Religion Hellenism

Princeps Alexandrius (268-309) was the third and youngest son of Imperator Postumus and his wife Adela. Because he was not expected to rule, Alexander was brought up as a scholar.

He was on good relations with his brothers, as evidenced by his appointment to the consulate (288). He worked as first consul until his appointment as governor of Britannia (300). Alexander was commissioned by Augustus to buildup Hadrian's Wall (305).

Alexandrius's health deteriorated rapidly in the summer of 309. He resigned as governor and was succeeded by his eldest son, Julian (4 July 309). He succumbed to an unknown illness the following month.

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