αλεξανδρινή Αυτοκρατορία
Alexandrian Empire
Timeline: Great Empires
Preceded by 336 BC - 286 BC Succeeded by
Kingdom of Macedon Seleucid Empire

Ptolemaic Kingdom Maurya Empire

Alexandrian flag
Capital: Pella (336 BC - 331 BC)

Alexandria (331 BC - 286 BC)

Language: Ancient Macedonian
Religion: Ancient Greek Religion
Type of government: Absolute monarchy
  King: Alexander III (336 BC - 286 BC)
Roxana (claimant, 286 BC - 284 BC)
Alexander IV (claimant, 284 BC - 250 BC)
Area: 8,100,000 km²
Population: 52,000,000 (310 BC) 
Currency: Greek drachma
 The Alexandrian Empire was a vast empire that came to control Greece, the Balkans, Armenia, Cyrenaica, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Greater Persia, Sogdiana, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was founded by Alexander the Great in 336 BC.

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