Alexander V of Scotland (10 January 1848 - 28 May 1921) was the first Spalding King of Scotland and one of the founders of the Scots Compact, a basic constitution seeking to alleviate the clan interfighting that had plagued Scotland during the Mackintosh era. Alexander V, while coming to power through violence, was known as a man of peace in his rule and gently and slowly devolved the power of the clans in the Scottish Parliament and extended suffrage to women in 1912. Alexander V diminished the role of the nobility while increasing the power of the Parliament and the king, creating a more centralized, modern government and moving the national capital back to Edinburgh. The Scottish population nearly doubled under his 32-year reign and he was praised as a great reformer and benign constitutional monarch, especially for his last great act, the Land Reform of 1918. In 1920, he fell ill and died at Edinburgh Castle without male issue. He was succeeded by his brother, Robert IV.

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