Alexander Poul Neveshkin (born Alexander Poul Serrat; October 8, 1942) is a retired French politician, best known for serving as President of the General Assembly (1990-1993) and as State Minister of the French Empire (1993-1997). A staunch conservative both socially and economically, Neveshkin oversaw a massive expansion of the French economy during the 1990's and was charged with organizing the government's wind-down of the war effort in Indochina as part of a transition towards a domestic-oriented peacetime economy as outlined by Albert II in his 1993 Shroud Day address.

His time in power was controversial, however, due to the swelling number of poor French citizens as wealth inequities grew during the 1990's economic boom, public opposition to the Siamese War both in its conduct and the disastrous withdrawal from both Siam and Vietnam, and his Neveshkin's perceived dismissive attitude. His relationship with Albert II soured by 1997 and his base of power within the bureaucracy eroded, and Neveshkin resigned under duress in December 1997 due to a dispute with the Emperor and the Defense Ministry over their decision to not support their allies in Cyrene in the ensuing Cyrene War.

After his resignation, Neveshkin attempted to return to the General Assembly, founding his own political party (France Future) in 2000, but was unable to recruit any candidates and subsequently retired after the 2002 elections embarrassed him publicly. In 2005, he accepted a position as the Chief of Staff for Crown Prince Maurice Napoleon, and after Albert II's death he was part of the five-panel transition team for the new Emperor, retiring once again with the transition team's dissolution in November 2007.

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