Alexander Monroe
Timeline: Temporal Incursion 1918

OTL equivalent: Fictional

[[Image:Kyle-maclachlan|200px|Alexander Monroe]]
Portrait of Alexander Monroe

Born February 22, 1959 (age 58)
Long Island, New York, U.S.
Spouse Helen Monroe (from 1982 until 2002, her death)
Political Party Independent (since 2000)
Religion Atheist (born Protestant)
Profession Billionaire businessman
Alexander Monroe (born February 22, 1959, age 58) is an American business magnate, multi-billionaire, investor, socialite, entrepreneur and author. He is well-known for his 2005 disappearance from the public eye following the deaths of his wife and son. He reappeared in the public eye in 2010 after inheriting Norman Hamilton's fortune. In doing so, he had become one of the top ten richest men in the U.S. with a net worth of $50 billion.

Early life and career

Monroe is the child of an affluent Lower Manhattan Wall Street financier and his secretary. He was born on Long Island. In 1968, his parents were killed in a plane crash in South America when he was a young adult and inherited his father's millions. He graduated High School in 1977 near his family's Long Island estate. In 1982, he married his college sweetheart, Helen. He received a MBA from Yale School of Management in Connecticut in 1983. In 1984, Monroe's son, Alexander Monroe Jr. was born. He had made enough money to purchase a house in Yonkers. He became the head of his first business in New York City at the age of 26. After five years, he had earned his first million dollars. By 2000, Monroe had crossed his first hundred-million dollar mark. At age 41, he became well-acquainted with billionaire Norman Hamilton.

Deaths of wife and son

In February 2002, his wife Helen (1959-2002) was killed on the streets of Manhattan following their 20th anniversary celebration by a purse thief.

His son, Alexander Jr. (1984-2003) graduated High School in June 2002 and began to avoid his father. He decided against college and chose service in the military. He had planned to attend West Point but wanted to get as far away from his father as possible and joined the US Navy which necessitated a move to Maryland.

In August 2003, Alexander Jr. participated in the Occupation of Naziristan, with Lieutenant Luke Nichols and PO3 Jordan Capa. Monroe was killed, Nichols was injured and Capa survived without a scratch. After his son's funeral, Monroe receded from many of his business relationships. Casiana Tirado, a childhood friend of Alexander Jr., offers her assistance in his endeavors. Norman Hamilton hires Monroe to led business ventures in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Monroe does assist Tirado financial and helps her attend Columbia University.

Absence from the public eye

From 2005 to 2010, Monroe was living privately on behalf of Hamilton Industrials in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Monroe privately invests in many industries keeping him mobile, this increases his net worth and income while being a silent partner in many operations over the next few years. In 2009, Monroe returned to the United States and lived on the estate of Norman Hamilton. The two men grew closer and their relationship became similar to that of a father and son. So much so that Hamilton added Monroe into his Will, to inherit his fortune.

Death of Norman Hamilton

After returning to the public eye in 2010, it was made public that Norman Hamilton had bequeathed Monroe his $40 billion fortune. Despite the economic crisis of 2012, Monroe was at the head of Hamilton Industrials and was not adversely affected by the stock market crash. He did much to improve the lives of millions of Americans across the nation.

  • January 20, 2009: Inauguration of Bud McMurray as President of the United States.
  • Rest of 2009: Monroe’s personal wealth exceeds $20 billion at this point. Monroe returns to the United States after being scouted to be the new CEO of an emerging company. Since the company went bankrupt because of the Recesssion. Monroe is courted by a member of an elite secret society of wealthy individuals and families from around the world, Norman Hamilton. His $20 billion fortune made Monroe eligible for membership in this exclusive club which is based on Bohemian Grove. Monroe spends the next year and half building contacts necessary to infiltrate their secret society. Hamilton befriends Monroe as Hamilton has no children of his own and has always seen him as a worthy successor of both his empire and the leadership of the elite. Monroe is 50. Casiana is 25, still working with the NYPD.
  • 2010: Norman Hamilton was born in 1929, the same week as the stock market crash that caused the Great Depression. He is from the Midwest, probably Indiana or Kansas, actually Colorado. Hamilton is dying of lung cancer. Monroe actually finds Hamilton to be quite despicable. When Hamilton attempts to grab an inhaler while the two men hang out at Hamilton’s private beach in Miami Beach, FL. Monroe just watches Hamilton suffocate, Hamilton futilely attempts to grab Monroe’s pant leg as he crawls toward him, betrayed. Monroe and Hamilton share one last stare before Hamilton dies. Then Monroe yells for help from Hamilton’s staff. Monroe then assumes the leadership of the elite secret society and inherits the rest of Hamilton’s assets and finances, causing Monroe’s wealth to exceed $50 billion making him one of the top five richest people in America. Monroe discovers that a friend of his son Patrick Norton is running for Governor in Colorado. Monroe and Norton met about a game plan to get him elected and possibly more. Monroe realizes that he has an array of reforms he wants to test out and Norton is just idealistic enough to make it happen. Monroe resolves to create a benevolent dictatorship in the US. Norman Hamilton (1929-2010). Hamilton was in charge of Hamilton Industrials since 1960. Monroe is 51. Casiana is 26, she is injured on duty but recovers but must leave the NYPD and is hired by Monroe to be his personal assistant. Hamilton’s grandfather made a fortune working with Wall Street.
  • 2011: Arab Spring. 99% movement. Patrick Norton’s 1st year in office as Colorado governor. Monroe oversees construction on Monroe Towers in Midtown Manhattan. Monroe concocts his plan to initiate the dictatorship. Monroe is 52. Casiana is 27.
  • November 2012: President McMurray is re-elected. But this is due to Monroe prodding fellow New York billionaire Eric King to run a Ross Perot-like independent campaign from a formidable Democratic candidate. King announces in early 2012. Norton gives an impassioned speech to the DNC, putting him on the radar with the leadership of the party and positioning himself for 2016. Monroe is 53. Casiana is 28.
  • 2013: McMurray begins his second presidential term. Monroe creates the online persona of Cyrus. Monroe is 54. Casiana is 29.
  • 2014~: Monroe Towers are completed and opened at the end of the year, for wealthy residents and premier office space. Norton runs for re-election as Colorado governor and wins. America finally exits Naziristan, as the country holds its first free election. The Republicans lose a lot of seats in both houses but hold onto their majority, but this doesn’t bode well for 2016. Monroe is 55. Casiana is 30.
  • 2015~: Monroe begins seeing Jade, a high class escort in Manhattan, much to the chagrin of Casiana. Norton begins his second term as CO Gov. Monroe is 56. Casiana is 31.
  • November 2016: Norton announces his candidacy for the president of the USA, wins the nomination and becomes president. Just as Monroe planned. Monroe is 57. Casiana is 32.
  • 1st half of 2017: Norton begins his first year in office as President. S1= Nuclear attack in Naziristan. Monroe is 58. Casiana is 33.
  • Early 2018: S2/S3= Emergency economic summit in China is bombed and the Arctic War results. Monroe feels betrayed by Norton when he defies his plans. Monroe looks for someone else to carry out his plans. He finds Adml. Faison, who lost his entire fleet, to carry out a new plan he can use as retribution against Norton. Monroe is 59. Casiana 34.
  • Late 2021: S4= DC attacks, Chairman of the JCS Faison assumes control of the US armed forces and initiates a military junta. But Norton is still alive and VP Burgess is held captive by PMCs associate with Monroe. In the end, they succeed, Fasion commits suicide and Monroe is placed in a supermax prison in Eastern Colorado. Norton is vindicated and acquitted and forgiven by the American people. Monroe is age 62. Casiana is 37. Admiral Anthony Faison (1960-2021)
  • Spring 2025: S5= VP Burgess serves as President. Monroe is broken out of jail after helping government agents from apprehending terrorists. Monroe flees to Croatia and is never seen or heard from again. He wins in the end. Monroe is 66. Casiana is 41.