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Alexander McCall Smith is a Rhodesian born Botswana author and former law professor. He is currently the Botswana ambassador to New Britain.


Alexander McCall Smith was born in Southern Rhodesia. He went to high school in Bulawayo. He later studied law at the University of Edinburgh. After earned his PhD in law, he got a job teaching at Queen's University Belfast. In 1980 he started writing children’s books. In 1981 he co-founded the University of Botswana.


Alexander nearly died in the riots that overtook Gaborone shorty after doomsday. He was lucky that having a PHD in law and being a  cofounder of the University of Botswana meant that he was reasonably high on the government’s evacuation list. Shortly after being evacuated,Alexander played an important part in setting up the new University of Botswana in Franicistown. When the school first open in 1985 Alexander was named the head of the law department. Alexander also served as an presidential advisor under the Mmus and Khama administrations. In 1992, he co-wrote the Criminal Law of Botswana, the only book on the nation’s legal system. In the late 1990’s, he starting writing the successful Precious Calf Café Series.In 2001 Alexander became Chancellor of the University of Botswana. In 2010, President Festus Mogae decided to name an ambassador to New Britain. Mogae decided to name Alexander because he was talented in the ways of law and was of British descent. Alexander has been successful in getting Botswana trade deals and support with building its industrial infrastructure from New Britain.

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