Alexander I
Alexander der Nederlanden 1851 - 1884.jpg
Drawing of Alexander I by F. A. Tilly
1st King of the Westralians
Reign 1870 — present
Coronation 1 February 1870
Predecessor None
Victoria (as Queen of Westralia)
Prime Ministers Sir Frederick Mayweather
Harold Symons
Spouse Lady Mary Frances Holloway
Issue Theodore, Prince of Swan
Princess Georgia
Prince William
Full name
William Alexander Charles Henry Frederick
House House of Swan-Orange-Nassau
Father William III of the Netherlands
Mother Sophie of Württemberg
Born 25 August 1851 (age 27)
Noordeinde Palace, The Hague,
Religion Dutch Reformed Church (to 1870)
Church of Australia (since 1870)

Alexander I (William Alexander Charles Henry Frederick, born 25 August 1851) is the first King of the Westralians. He has held the throne since 1 February 1870.

Alexander I is the third son of William III of the Netherlands. Following Westralia's Declaration of Independence on 1 August 1869, Alexander was invited by the Westralian Government to become the new Kingdom's first monarch. Westralia was already an established constitutional monarchy, in which the sovereign held relatively little direct political power. Alexander married a member of Westralia's lower nobility, Lady Mary Holloway, in 1870, on the same day he was crowned.