Alexander I of England (Blooming Roses)
Alex I
|210px|alt=|'King of England']]
'King of England'
Reign 27 November 1590 - 14 December 1608
Coronation 17 December 1590
Predecessor Edward VI of England
Successor Alexander II
Spouse Catherine Michelle of Spain

m. 1577

Elizabeth Howard
m. 1590

Issue Alexander II

Eleanor Philippa, Queen of Denmark
Isabella Catherine, Duchess of Braganza
Edward, Duke of Sussex
Victoria Michelle, Tsaritsa of Russia
Anne Sophia, Queen of Aquitaine
Robert, Duke of Buckingham

House House of Tudor
Father Edward VI
Mother Isabella of Cleves
Born 27 May 1558
Hampton Court Palace, England
Died 14 December 1608 (aged 50)
Greenwich Palace, England
Burial Henry VII Chapel
Religion Anglican

Alexander I, King of England and Ireland (27 May 1558 - 14 December 1608) was the second surviving son of Isabella of Cleves  and Edward VI. He was created Prince of Wales one year after the death of his older brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. Under his leadership, England founded its first colony in the Americas and successfully began its first steps toward becoming an empire.

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