Alexander I
Alexander I
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 17 October 1934 - 23 October 1960
Coronation 10 November 1934
Predecessor Nicholas I
Successor Alexander II
Spouse Feodora Feodorovna
Issue Princess Feodora Aleksandrovna
Princess Anastasia Aleksandrovna
Alexander II
Princess Konstantina Aleksandrovna
Full name
Aleksandyr Nikolayevitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Nicholas I
Mother Aleksandra Ivanovna
Born 1 September 1879
Aleksandrgrad, Alaska
Died 23 October 1960
Sitka, Alaska
Burial 26 October 1960

Aleksandyr Nikolayevitch Dmitrov (Russ: Александр Николэйевич Дмайтров) (9/1/1879-10/23/1960), more commonly known as Alexander I of Alaska, was the 5th Tsar of Alaska, reigning from 1934 until his death in 1960. While his reign was considerably shorter than that of his father, Nicholas I (who ruled for 41 years), Alexander I is still styled as Alexander the Great (a name occasionally afforded his nephew, Alexander III of Alaska). His reign was notable for expansive democratic reform, his transformation of Alaska from a sparsely populated backwater into a legitimate regional power, the growth of the Alaskan economy through the oil industry and trade, and for his victory in the Alaskan-Siberian War, as well as pioneering semi-socialized medicine and vast education initiatives. The Premier for the bulk of his reign, Yakov Sighovaryin, is often regarded as Alaska's best Premier, much in the way that Alexander I is regarded as one of its best Tsars. He was succeeded by his son Crown Prince Aleksandr Aleksandreyevitch Dmitrov as Alexander II following his death on October 23, 1960.

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