Alexander IV of Scotland (June 10, 1839 - December 25, 1917) was a Scottish monarch of the House of Mackintosh and the last Mackintosh King of Scotland, reigning from 1878 until 1889. His eleven-year reign was marred by a destabilized Highlands, his public feud with the powerful Sutherlands and Urquharts, and armed conflict with England in the War of 1887. In 1889, a loose alliance of clans led by the Spaldings rebelled and began a three-month conflict that would eventually topple the Mackintoshes with the dissolution of the Chattan Confederation that had ruled Scotland for seventy years.

After abdicating the throne as part of a peace agreement and formally and legally renouncing the claim of his family and all Chattan clans to the Scottish throne, Alexander lived out the next twenty years of his life at Inverness before moving to Paris, where he died twenty-eight years to the day after the coronation of his Spalding successor. His remains were returned to Scotland shortly thereafter and buried by the Spaldings at Inverness with full royal honors, dubbed a "Sign of the Peace" by the Spaldings.

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