Alexander II
Alexander II
Reign 14 December 1590 - 14 December 1637
Spouses Magdalene Sybille of Prussia

m. May 1598

Alexander III

Elizabeth Anne
Charles, Duke of Lincoln

House House of Tudor
Father Alexander I of England
Mother Catherine Michelle of Spain
Born 16 April 1578
Ludlow Castle, Wales
Died 14 December 1637 (aged 59)
Eltham Palace, England
Burial Westminster Abbey, Henry VII's Chapel
Religion Anglican

Alexander II of England (16 April 1578 - 14 December 1637) was the eldest child of Alexander I by his first wife, Catherine Michelle of Spain. He is mostly noted for his political maneuvering that resulted in the marriage of his heir, Alexander III to Isabella Mary, Queen of Scots.

Early Life

Alexander III was born at Ludlow Castle in Wales, the eldest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales. He was born on his grandmother's birthday and Queen Isabella removed the newborn from his mother's rooms and kept him with her during her entire stay at Ludlow. He was invested with the Dukedom of Richmond and given his own establishment, overseen by his uncle, the Duke of Clarence.

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