Welcome to the Portal Page for the Alexander's Empire ATL, a timeline exploring a possible scenario in which Alexander the Great survived until a ripe old age, allowing Macedonia to consolidate and hold its grip on the Middle East and India. Though the empire saw massive setbacks, Alexander launched several crusades into Asia and held a large portion the territory he took over after the crusades.


June 10th, 323 BC

Everyone remembered the celebration. Meats of lambs and other animals piled on one table. Olives and grapes filled chalices on the other table. Fine wine was lined up on a bar as musicians played a merry tune in honor of their king's conquest. The Greek soldiers that had not already taken their leave to see their families joined the Macedonian nobles and King Alexander the Great himself celebrate the massive gains by the Macedonian Empire.

"Drink this wine, my lord," prideful winemakers implored Alexander the Great. In OTL, this was the end of Alexander the Great; he died due to alcohol poisoning. Heavily affected by the death of his friend and possible lover, Hephaestion, Alexander's victory in OTL was bittersweet. In this timeline, Hephaestion had survived his fever and was with Alexander the Great during the celebration. Alexander, not depressed as he was in OTL, was able to have an honest party.

"What an excellent celebration, my friend," Hephaestion said. Alexander took a giant gulp of wine, simply nodding his head. "An excellent celebration indeed," he said, woozily. "Alexander, you have had too much to drink. Take a rest," Hephaestion implored. Alexander would have none of this. "I deserve to live a little." As he finished, a game of Kottabos started.

Kottabos was Alexander's favorite game, though it largely fell out of popularity during his rule. Already reclining, Alexander flung a wine lee at the target, narrowly missing it. Most guests were to intoxicated to hit the targes with the wine lees, so the game continued for some time. After an hour or two, Alexander started to feel sick and layed down for the night. By this time OTL, he was already fatally intoxicated. Alexander the Great lived to see another day, though the very next day was spent nursing a hangover.

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