Alev I Lepitamatu
Duke of Livonia, Count of Latgalia
Reign 1415 - 1440
Coronation 1416
Predecessor Thaarason I
Successor Thaarason II (St. George's Night)
House Lepitamatu
Father Tharaason I
Mother Johanna of Guelders
Born 1396
Hapsa, Livonia
Died 1440

Alev I, sometimes called the Drunkard, was Duke of Livonia from 1415 to 1428. One of the least competent but most amusing Livonian rulers, he was notorious for his lechery, drunkenness, and love of (albeit a lack of skill at) violence. He is commonly known for introducing two significant innovations, modern brewing techniques and the pike, to Livonia; he is perhpa stye best known of Livonia's dukes, mainly for his drunken exploits, but also for laying the foundations of Livonia's military successes over the next century through the introduction of Flemish infantry tactics and a militia system.

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