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Governorate of Aleutia
Унаҥам шлуҥ (Aleut)
Алеутская губерния (Russian)

Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: The Aleutsky District, the Aleutians West CA, and portions of the Aleutians East Borough.
Flag of Aleutia (Russian America) Coat of arms of Aleutsky Raion
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Aleutia (Russian America)
Location of Aleutia
Capital Unalaska
Other cities Akutan, Pesochnoye, Tsar Bay
Aleut, Creole, and Russian
  others English, Japanese, Tagalog
Eastern Orthodox
  others Animists, Buddhists, Catholics
Ethnic groups
Aleuts, Creoles, and Russians
  others Filipinos, Koreans, Norwegians
Demonym Aleutian
Area 77,023 km²
Population 859,716 (2007 Census) 
Established 1960s
Admission 1960s
Time zone (UTC-11 to -12)
  summer (UTC-10 to -11)
Abbreviations AK-AE, Але.

The Governorate of Aleutia (Aleut: Унаҥам шлуҥ, Unangam ŝlung; Russian: Алеутская губерния, Aleutskaya guberniya), colloquially known as Aleutia (Алеутия, Aleutiya), is a governorate of Alaska.

The Governorate of Aleutia (Aleut: Унáҥам Шлуҥ, Unangam Ŝlung; Russian: Алеутская губерния, Alyeutskaya gubyerniya)

The Governorate of Aleutia (Aleut: Унáҥам губэрня, Unangam Gubernia; Russian: Алеутская губерния, Aleutskaya guberniya), commonly known as Aleutia (Алеутия, Aleutiya), is a governorate of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Aleutia is bordered by Shelikof to the northeast and a maritime border with the Russian Empire to the west. The spans across the entire Catherine Archipelago and includes a small portion of the Alaska Peninsula.

Evidence seems to support that the territory of Aleutia has been populated by the Aleut people as far back as the last ice age. The Russians were the first Europeans to make contact in 1741, with Vitus Bering leading an expedition to the region (Bering would later die on the island that now bears his name). Cooperation between the Aleuts and Russians became crucial for the colonization of Russian America, and relations became better under the reign of Catherine the Great.

The Russian Revolution and subsequent rule under the Alaskan Socialist Republic lead to tensions with the Aleut-dominated population. After the fall of communism, the residence demanded to become their own territory, which became official in 1957 without the approval of Shelikof (which continued to control the islands upon admission). Further conflict over the disputed Commander Islands (Komandorski Islands) with the Soviet Union lead to the Bering Sea Crisis in October 1960. Aleutia would gain "governoratehood" in March 1963, but it wouldn't be until 1965 that the Commander Islands were officially regained.

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