The Aleut Union was a union of the islands in the Aleutian Island chain found northwest of the Chinook Kingdom. Founded in the year 1282 BC, it was ruled by a monarchy. While each of the island and territories had its own rulers, they all submitted to the monarch. it was a strong power that dominanted the northern Pacific Ocean, rivalled only by the Chinooks.

The Aleutians were famed for being pirates, warriors, explorers, and traders operating in Kamchatka, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and as far south as Taiwan. The Aleuts' Baidaras (large walrus skin boat) were the most powerful in the ocean, allowing them to travel near and far.



The location of the islands has led many scientists to believe that the Aleutian Islands to be remnants of a land bridge from Asia to America. These ancestors inhabited the islands, and quickly discovered these mountainous regions could only provide stone for weapons or houses. The Aleuts relied upon the sea to meet their needs, hunting for many animals including seals, birds, otters, walruses, and sea lions. The islands began to compete for food, and here the first Baidaras appeared. Onboard these ships warriors could attack other hunters and warriors, and the islands began to create hundreds of them.

Aleut Armor

This re-enactment shows the Aleuts lamellar armor, which was the main type of armor worn by the Aleuts.

One island, Nawanskax, ventured further south and discovered the First Kingdom of Chinook, a massive power. The Baidaras were far superior to any Chinook boat, and the Nawanskaxes began to raid the Chinook coast. These raids brought Nawanskax extreme wealth, along with the valuable knowledge of bronze weaponry. Nawanskax along with its allies launched a bloody campaign to unite the Aleutian islands. After many years of fighting Nawanskax proved victorious, and the groundwork was laid for the Aleut Union.


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