Aleksey Pushkin

Portrait of Aleksey Pushkin

13th Premier of Alaska
August 4, 1973 - December 13, 1974

Predecessor Stanislav Mergeyev
Successor Ivan Edmarovsky

Leader of Progress Party
1967 - 1974

Predecessor Dmitri Sebanaev
Successor Pyotr Mishkin

Foreign Minister

Predecessor Feodor Feodorov
Successor Sergey Kalinin

Duma Representative for 24th Constituency

Successor Gennady Ouromov
Born 4 November 1895
Spouse Lyudmila Pushkina
Political Party Progress Party (formerly Socialist Party)
Profession Politician

Aleksey Nikolayevitch Pushkin (Russian: Алексей Николаевич Пушкин) (4 November 1895 - December 13, 1974) was an Alaskan left-wing politician, author and diplomat, who served as the Foreign Minister during the fifteen month Sarugin government in the 1960's and as Premier from the 1973 electoral victory of the Liberals until his sudden death from a stroke on December 13, 1974 - thus serving barely over a year. He was known early in his career as an outspoken proponent of various left-wing policies, including an all-out endorsement of Marxism in the early 1940's, but gradually gravitated toward the center during the Sighovaryin era in order to remain politically viable and later used his comparatively centrist economic ideology to convince the growing Moderate Party to form a coalition with his resurgent liberals in 1973. Having served in the Duma since 1930, his 44 years in office was one of the longest for any member of the Duma who would eventually become Premier.