Aleksandr Mikailov

Aleksandr Mikailov is the current governor of Russia as a province of The Dutch Empire. His term started three years ago which means he is the governor for at least one more year. He is expected to be next years winner, too.


Aleksandr Mikailov was born September 29, 1980. He lived in a family with father Aleksei Mikailov, mother Jekaterina Mikailov Fyodorov and brother Mechislav Mikailov in Kiev, Dutch Province of Pre-Russia. His father got arrested in the 1992 demonstrations against The Dutch and serves a 30-year sentence of which 6 are left. In 1996 his brother Mechislav got killed while playing on a Dutch Military Base. When he saw his brother getting shot, he immediately surrendered which saved him. He got a 20 year sentence, which was dropped in 1998 when he saved the life of a prison guard. The Dutch government would grant them pardon if they would move to Russia. When they arrived in Russia, Aleksandr signed up for governor, and surprisingly, he actually became governor which he still is. His mother died in 2010 due to terrorist attacks in Moscow.


Some people are very suspicious about the fact that he is governor for a straight 18 years. So, exclusively for this article, we scheduled an appointment with Emperor Alexander III of The Dutch Empire. About this he said: "Well, if you have good connections in this empire you have some privileges. I like his political thinking and we happen to have almost the same name..

Russian Democratic Party

The Russian Democratic Party, Russian: Демократическая партия России, is Aleksandr's party. They are for democracy and for The Dutch. This is a table on their thinking, of course, inspired by Aleksandr:

Political thinking of RDP
Issue Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights Yes "Why on earth not?!"
Gay Marriage Yes ^See LGBT Rights^
Abortion Yes "It's their kid..."
Death Penalty Yes

"If you take a life, you do not deserve to have one yourself"

Torture Methods Yes "I'm sure that the people who experience our torturing deserve it"
Stem Cell Research Yes 'Seems pretty obvious to me"
Weapons of Mass Destruction Yes "It's pretty darn cool, man!"
Radioactive Weapons Research Only "Not very useful in my opinion, but we have to develop them in order to have as much knowledge as other countries."
Biological Weapons Yes ^See Weapons of Mass Destruction^
Chemical Weapons Yes ^See Weapons of Mass Destruction^
Equal Rights Yes "Unequal rights is some f*ckin' medieval sh*t."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty No "No, my mother's murderer has escaped his sentence this way."
Assisted Suicide Yes "I mean, it's their decision, why not let them?"
Criminal Rights Partial "They don't deserve much, but they deserve some. After all: We are all humans"
Foreign Interference Yes "Like, why not? I mean, who on earth has enough guts to attack this empire?!"
Gun Rights Yes "Just following the Emperor here."
Vigilantism Yes "If one can give good reasons, I don't think we should judge one."
Self Defense Rights Yes ^See Vigilantism^
Freedom of Speech Yes "Not giving people this kind of freedom is just f*ckin' medieval."
Freedom of Expression Yes ^See Freedom of Speech^
Freedom of Religion Yes

^See Freedom of Speech^

Freedom of Choice Yes ^See Freedom of Speech^
Freedom of Press Yes ^See Freedom of Speech^
Right To Protest/Assemble Yes "Yes, so long as it is not violent."
Right To Privacy Partial "I would say yes if this Empire weren't so extremely big and filled with terrorists."

Extra Info and Summary

Summary and Extra Info
Job Governor of Russia under The Dutch Empire
Preceded by Nikolai Zolnerowich
Succeeded by In office
Spouse Dima Mikailov Krupin
Children Dimitri Mikailov (7)
Siblings 1 - deceased
Born September 29, 1980
Residence Saint Petersburg, Russian Province
Professions Military and Equal Rights
Religion None
Languages Russian, Ukrainian, Latin, Dutch, German, French, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese

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