Aleksandr Romanovich, Count Karakov (1828 - February 6, 1887) was a Siberian-Alaskan noble best known for serving as the Grand Marshal of Alaska from 1878 until his arrest and execution in 1887 during the coup d'etat that toppled Tsar Feodor II. As Grand Marshal, Karakov was in charge of managing the war effort, which completely dominated the Alaskan political and social discourse in the 1880's, and his allowance of lesser nobles to meddle in the execution of the war led to his criticism by professional soldiers such as Andrey Zukhov and even his protege, Boris Anasenko. While Karakov was opposed to the Tsar personally, he refused to be complicit in the Dmitrov coup, leading to his arrest during the storming of Severovsky Castle on February 4th, 1887 and was publicly executed two days later by firing squad in Sitka after a show trial.

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