Aleksander I
Great Prince of Roumelia

Anonym Herzog Philipp Wilhelm.jpg
Aleksander I in 1680
Great Prince of Roumelia
Reign 27 march 1680 - 26 october 1687
Coronation 16 april 1680
Predecessor Title created
Successor Aleksander II
Mayor of Plovdiv
Reign 1 march 1671 - 14 august 1675
Predecessor Ilian Dronev
Successor Bogomil Vaneski
Spouse Theodora of Greece
Issue Princess Katerina

Aleksander II
Princess Yoana
Princess Katerina

Full name
Aleksander Stanimirov Valchev
House House Valchev
Father Stanimir Danielov
Mother Borislava Vladirimova
Born Aleksander Stanimirov
17 january 1643
Died 26 october 1687
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church
Aleksander I was the founder and first ruler of the Great Principality of Roumelia from 1680 to 1687. Born as the son of a bulgarian marchand under the Ottoman Empire, he ascended to power by becoming at first mayor of Plovdiv.

He was, however, chased from power by the Ottoman authorities after he began to gain popularity from his nationalist politics. He was forced to go in exile with his family, and lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for the following two years, recruiting mercenaries in order to reclaim his lands.

In 1677, he was asked to return by his brother-in-law, who was leading a war in Greece for the independance of the region. With the help of his brother-in-law, he returned in Bulgaria was able to convince the population to rise against the Ottoman. The war ended in 1680, with the help of Europe kingdoms pressuring the Ottoman Empire. As the leader of the Balkan rebels, Aleksander created the Great Principality of Roumelia, and was crowned the same day as his brother-in-law, who became King of Greece.

He ruled the Great Principality for the years following his victory. However, Aleksander was never able to accomplish his dream of creating a Third Bulgarian Empire. His sudden death at the age of 44 put an end to any future project of the monarch. Roumelians considered him the father of Roumelia, and both dates of his coronation and death are national holidays.

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