Aleksander II
Great Prince of Roumelia

Aleksander II.jpg
Aleksander II in 1700
Great Prince of Roumelia
Reign 26 october 1687 - present
Coronation 25 december 1687
Predecessor Aleksander I
Spouse Sophia of Brandebourg
Issue Aleksander, Crown Prince

Mikael, Count of Varna

Full name
Aleksander Aleksanderov Valchev
House House Valchev
Father Aleksander I of Roumelia
Mother Theodora of Greece
Born 14 may 1668
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church

Aleksander II was the second ruler of the Great Principality of Roumelia from 1687 to his death. Aleksander II had the difficult job of keeping his father's realm independent from his bigger neighbors.

Early Life

Aleksander Aleksanderov is the second child of his father, the future Aleksander I, at the time known as Aleksander Stanimirov. He was raised under the belief that the Bulgarian had an national identity going further than just religions. Because of his father's wealth, he was able to have the best education possible for Christians under the Ottoman Empire. In addition to his main language of Bulgarian, he learned how to speak Serbian and Turkish at school, as well as Greek with his mother.

In 1675, Stanimirov was forced to go into exile, and the family went hiding in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where Aleksander learned about poetry and theater. He also learned a little bit of German and how to comport himself in court. When his father returned in bulgaria the Balkans to fight the Ottoman at the side of the Greek rebels, he leaved his family being in Hungary, including Aleksander. The boy would finally return to Plovdiv after five years, when his father became Great Prince of Roumelia, thus making Alexander the Crown Prince of Roumelia.

Aleksander passed the following years, he stayed for most of the time in the court of Plovdiv, although he would sometimes make trips to Hungary. He came into conflict with his father over his futur marriage. He wanted to marry his childhood love, a Hungarian lady named Dorrotya Csongor. However, his father saw a great marriage with the daughter of the Magrave of Brandenburg, Sophia of Brandenburg. This resulted into an unhappy marriage between the two of them.

First Part of his Reign

Aleksander succeeded to his father on December 25 of the year 1687, officially taking the name Alexander II. He however chose to wait two months for his coronation, which happened during Christmas, using the ceremony and date to bring some kind of religious legitimacy to his rule over Roumelia, something that his father's always lacked, as the religious authorities of the region never had good relation with the old mayor.

When he ascended to the throne, the heir was his nephew Konrad Württemberg, born from the marriage of his sister Katerina and a member of the house Württemberg of the Duchy of Württemberg. Thus, having a heir became a priority for him, or it would mean the end of House Valchev. He finally got the wanted heir in 1692, a young boy that he named Aleksander. The birth of the new crown prince would be acclaimed throughout the realm by the population. The boy was protected during many years, as many feared his death. But the birth of Mikael in 1697 would garanty the succession of house Valchec.

Through multiple commercial deals and short alliances with both Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russian Tsardom, Aleksander II was able to protect himself and his country against the Ottoman, including the skirmish of 1696 on the southern frontier, or the Battle of Thrace in 1703, which Aleksander was only able to win with the help of the Greeks.

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