Aldo Moro (September 23, 1916 - August 8, 2009) was an Italian politician best known for his efforts to separate the secular Italy from the Papal States, being credited largely as the father of modern Italy and the man who ended the control of the Catholic Church over most of Italy. He served as the first Prime Minister of Italy and retired after declining to join a party. He was overwhelmingly elected as the second President of Italy in 1984. While a political conservative, Moro was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Prime Minister Adolfo Celi in February of 1986 and he gave a stirring eulogy at Celi's funeral. Moro left the office of President in 1990 after maintaining that no President should serve more than a single term of his six-year mandate; this was later an amendment officially offered to the Constitution of Italy. Moro died in 2009 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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