Alberta Democratic Party
Leader Joseph Mackenzie
Chairperson William Markovsky
President Jesse Jackson
Secretary-General Adam Jones
Spokesperson Fionna Rivers
Split from Conservative Party
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Newspaper Canada Right News
Alberta Times
Youth wing Young Canadian Patriots
Young Alberta Patriots
Canadian Democratic Youth
Ideology Social conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Political position right wing

The Alberta Democratic Party is a right-wing political party from the Canadian province of Alberta. It was formed by former members of the main Conservative Party, these members were those who rejected monarchy (as Conservatism in Canada supports high ties to the Queen). 

Similar to the historical Southern Democrats in the United States, the Alberta Democrats wish to maintain independence from the British monarch, and form a solid Canadian identity. Like American conservatives, Alberta Democrats oppose gun control, follow traditional Christian values and believe in small government regulation of businesses. 

Alberta Democrats also want to strip French of its official status and make English the national language of Canada.

It is these beliefs and goals that separates them from the Conservative Party, despite sharing some similarities such as the preservation of English tradition, Christianity and gun rights. The Alberta Democrats are not in any way, affiliated with the New Democratic Party, which is a left-wing political group, which also operates in Alberta.

Its sister party is the Alberta Conservatives, also an off-shoot of the Conservative Party. Its current leader is the Joseph Mackenzie, who is the current premier of the Province of Alberta. 


The Alberta Democratic Party was a result of the growing rift between members of the Conservative Party. While many people in Alberta considered themselves "conservative", they had little knowledge of what the Conservative Party believed in, mistaking and assuming it to be similar to American conservatism.

With growing anti-monarchy sentiments in Alberta, especially from rural Canadians, this created a problem for the Conservative Party. In July 5, 2014, the rivalling factions decided that the Conservative Party could no long stay together and that an independant party had to be formed to govern the province of Alberta.

Joseph Mackenzie, a former representative of the Conservative Party (known for his anti-monarch sentiments) broke ties with Stephen Harper and took influences from Canada's southern neighbor, the United States. An avid historian, he studied the history of politics during the American Civil War and wanted to find a party similar to what American conservatives believed it, which also included a Right to Bear Arms.

Eventually in Calgary, he and his followers announced the formation of the Alberta Democratic Party, meant to combat the left-wing New Democratic Party's growing influence and to stop the NDP from coming into power. In Edmonton, similarly, another off-shoot known as the Alberta Conservatives formed. Like the Alberta Democrats, the Alberta Conservatives had broke away from the Conservative Party due to conflicting differences in political beliefs.

During the provincial electons, Joseph Mackenzie defeated NDP candidate Thomas Mulcair. Now with the Alberta Democrats in power, the shift to a new style of conservative politics began to take hold in Alberta. Mackenzie's provincial government began to take down all names referring to any royalty, and formed an independant law enforcement organzation known as the Alberta Provincial Police. Wrestling policing powers with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the APD eventually gained the upper hold. Anti-RCMP sentiments also grew in Alberta, when Mackenzie reinforced a contrevoursial law which allowed Alberta citizens to open fire on police conducting unlawful siezure of their firearms.

Gun rights were an essential goal of the Alberta Democratic Party, and eventually, the province exercised its constitutional power to adminster firearms independantly. Therefore, the RCMP has forced to transfer all of its information on Alberta firearms owners to the APD. 

These moves earned Alberta a fusilage of political scrutiny, from both Canadian liberals and Canadian conservatives, with both accusing Mackenzie of "Americanizing" Canada. Other moves by Mackenzie included a bill proposal to outlaw same-sex marriage in Alberta, as well as to outlaw abortion which is still be reviewed in the provincial court.

Political and social goals

Independance from foreign powers

The Alberta Democrats are highly opposed to subjection to any type of monarchy, and this was the main reason for the rift between the Alberta Democrats and the Conservative Party. When Mackenzie took power, the Alberta provincial courts legalized taking down all royal names and title from government bodies. Because of this, there is currently an attempt in Alberta to strip the RCMP of its policing powers in the province, for one reason being that it contains the name "Royal", and the second reason being that Albertans believe that the RCMP is turning into a Gestapo-like police force. 


The Alberta Democratic Party is considered a Christian-right party, with 78% of its members stating that Christianity was an essential part of their lives. The APD wants Alberta to adhere to the Anglican Church, and make it the representing religion of Alberta, and Canada. They also want to limit religious activities of non-Christian groups, including Muslims and oppose Islamic law becoming part of Alberta or Canadian politics. 

Same-sex marriage

The Alberta Democrats are also opposed to the current legal status of same-sex marriage in every province, and look to outlaw it in Alberta. Bill C-89, introduced by Joseph Mackenzie also known as the "Alberta Religious Freedom Bill" would exempt churches from endorsing same-sex marriages since it violated Christian political beliefs and that of Freedom of Religion as granted by the Charter. 

Farmers rights

The Alberta Democrats also fight for the rights of farmers and rural Canadians, encouraging free-trade with the United States, seeking to improve the cattle industry in Alberta. This is what allowed the Alberta Democrats to gain power in the province, eventually drawing many farmers who formerly voted for the New Democratic Party. Joseph Mackenzie came from a rural background, though an Ontarian rural background and owns a ranch, 

Gun rights

Unlike other Canadian political parties, the Alberta Democrats is one of the few rare that ever pushed gun rights to the fore-front of its goals. It is thanks to the Alberta Democrats, as well as the Conservative Party that Alberta's Provincial Charter, Section Three in particular, contains an American-style Right to Bear Arms.

The APD argues that gun ownership is not just an American tradition, but an English tradition, and that even Tories had guns during the American Revolution. It is because of the APD, as well as the Conservative Party and the Alberta Conservatives that Alberta successfully opted-out of the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program, and now independently administers firearms legislation. 

The Alberta Provincial Police now takes care of firearms licensing in Alberta, not longer the RCMP. Seeing this as an influence, the other western provinces, British Columbia and Manitoba followed and also added a Right to Bear Arms in their provincial charters.

Alberta gives its citizens the most freedoms with firearms, and the Mackenzie government successfully passed Castle Ground and Stand your Ground laws, allowing Alberta citizens to open fire on intruders, trespassers or police conducting unlawful seizure of firearms. 

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