Republic of Alberta
Official language English (both for the administration and to obtain citizenship)
Capital Edmonton
President Edward Stelmach (2006-Present)
Establishment 1998
Currency Albertan Dollar
Government Type Presidential Republic
Religion Majority of census respondents identify as Christians followed by non religious.

Government of the Republic

The legislative branch is composed of a National Legislature and a Senate. The number of members of the first house are based on a 1/30,000 inhabitants basis and the number of the second is fixed to 12 with two elected per Senatorial Districts. A member's term is of four years with election called on the last Monday of April of the given year.

The executive is composed of the President and his Cabinet. The President is elected directly by the population through a plurality of vote.

The representatives' salaries and perks may be changed but such changes can not take effect during the same term of office unless it is meant to adjust them to inflation.

Any citizen may instigate a referendum on any matters (including constitutional amendment) without approval of the legislature or senate if he manage to obtain a minimal number of signature.

Judicial System

Based on common law. Ultimate judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's judges are appointed by the President on the advice of the Legislature and with the approval of the senate. Each judge represent a given Senatorial District based on main place of residence.


Consist of a small professional volunteer army and a larger militia in which every citizen must serve a number of years upon reaching adulthood.

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