Albert I, Duke of Prussia
Timeline: Tudor Line

Lucas Cranach d.Ä. - Bildnis des Markgrafen Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach (Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum)
Portrait of Albert I, Duke of Prussia

Duke of Prussia
8 April 1525 - 29 July 1557

Predecessor Sigismund I as King of Poland

Himself as the Grandmaster

Successor Albert II

Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order
14 December 1510 - 8 April 1525

Predecessor Frederick of Saxony
Successor Walter von Cronberg
Born 17 May 1490
Ansbach, Bavaria
Died 29 July 1557
Königsberg, Prussia
Duchess Dorothea of Denmark
 Albert of Brandenburg-Ansbach was born on 17 May 1490 to Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and Sofia of Poland  and was a nephew of Sigismund I of Poland. In 1510 he became the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, this was done so his relation with Sigismund would settle the question of Prussia. This didn't help and the Polish-Teutonic War led to the Treaty of Krakow in 1525, when he became the Duke of Prussia. At the same time Sigismund made him convert and take Prussia for himself. The order was then let by Walter von Cronberg. In 1529 von Cronberg declared the Teutonic War for Prussia. It ended in white peace where the order gained the City of Kwidzyn. In 1532 he decided to make an alliance with someone in the Holy Roman Empire if the emperor declared war on him. He decided to marry Dorothea of Saxe-Launeberg, daughter of Magnus I, Duke of Saxe-Launberg to his son Albert. Since Luther was burned in 1526 he and the Protestants from Germany and Hungary talked together about overthrowing Charles V and establishing him as the Holy Roman Emperor. However, this didn't come to be - especially after Sigismund helped another of their family members: Louis II of Hungary against the Hungarian Lutherans and the Hungary was taken by the Ottomans. He raised his children in a very Lutheran way, especially Albert and his second son Frederick who was born in 1533. The rest of his reign was marked by constant threads from von Cronberg, but he never went for it. He was a great supporter of arts and largely confiscated churches in Prussia. In 1541 every church was confiscated and he decided to raise taxes, this was all to have money for a huge army against Cronberg, who destroyed his army earlier. When he died suddenly in 1557 his son Albert was left with a big army which came in handy and later he proclaimed himself King of Prussia (1559).


He married Dorothea of Denmark, daughter of Frederick I of Denmark in 1526. They had the following children:

  • Anna Sophia (1527 - 1566)
  • King Albert I of Prussia (1528 - 1592)
  • Lucia (1532 - 1533)
  • Frederick (1533 - 1572)
  • Katharina (1534 - 1589)
  • Elizabeth (1537 - 1540)