Albert II
Albrecht II
Timeline: A Hungarian Germany

Albert II of Germany
Manuscript showing Albrecht II

Holy Roman Emperor

Born August 10, 1397
Vienna, Duchy of Austria
Queen Elizabeth of Luxembourg
Religion Roman Catholic
Profession Ruler
Albert II of Germany, often called Albert the Magnanimous, ruled as the Holy Roman Emperor (1439-death), the King of Hungary and Croatia (1437-death), the King of Bohemia (1438-death), and Duke of Austria (1404-death).

Albert II was the head of the House of Habsburg, and was married to Elizabeth of Luxembourg, who was the daughter of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor.

Early Life and Marriage

Albert was born in Vienna as the son of Albert IV, Duke of Austria, and Johanna Sophia of Bavaria on August 10, 1397. He became the Duke of Austria at the age of seven upon the death of his father.

His uncle, Duke William of Inner Austria served as regent during Albert's youth. William's younger brothers also served as regents, and were plotting to take the throne. However, the respected young Duke managed to gain control over his governent after a rival claimant (William's father) died in 1411. Albert then preceded to effectively reform many excesses which had developed during the regency.


Death and Legacy