Albert II de Belgique

Albert II is the current King of the Belgians.

He was born on 6 June 1934 in Stuyvenberg Castle, Brussels, Belgium, son of King Leopold III of the Belgians and Countess Astrid Bernadotte af Wisborg. He became King of the Belgians upon the death of his brother, King Baldwin I, on 31 January 1993.

He married on 2 July 1959 to Princess Paola Ruffo di Calabria (born 1937), daughter of Fulco VIII, Prince Ruffo di Calabria, 6th Duke of Guardia Lombarda (1884-1946) and Countess Luisa Gazelli di Rossana e di Sebastiano (1896-1989), having the following issue:

Philip (born 1960)

Astrid (born 1962)

Lawrence (born 1963)

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