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Albanian war of independence

Lufta Shqiptare e pavarësisë

Албански рат независности

16 January 1977 — 10 June 1980


SR Albania — SFR Yugoslavia (modern day Albania, Kosovo & Macedonia)


Albanian victory

  • Yugoslav forces retreat from Albania
  • Albanian forces gain control over Albania
  • Republic of Albania is established

Flag of SFR Yugoslavia SFR Yugoslavia

  • Flag of SR Albania SR Albania


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Soviet Union
  • Flag of Egypt (1952-1958) Egypt
  • Flag of the Communist Youth League of China China
  • Flag of North Korea DPRK
  • Flag of Iraq (1963-1991); Flag of Syria (1963-1972) Syria

Flag of Albania Albanian People's Army

  • Kastrioti Family Flag by NexusHit Albanian Liberation Front
  • Armata Kombetare National Army
  • Albanian liberation army Albanian Liberation Army
  • Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Heathen Army

Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Luka Mesić

  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Stefan Perisić
  • Logo of the JNA Mikhail Petrović
  • Logo of the JNA Radomir Stojanović
  • Logo of the JNA Stefan Ivanov
  • Logo of the JNA Bogdan Petrović
  • Logo of the JNA Adem Sulejmani
  • Logo of the JNA Vojkan Marić
  • Jrvpvo Miladin Jaserović
  • Seal of the Yugoslav Navy Petar Kolarov
  • Flag of SR Albania Hajdin Aliu  (POW)
  • Flag of SR Albania Adem Popova  Skull and crossbones

Flag of Albania Emilian Kavaja

  • Flag of Albania Pirro Sokoli
  • Kastrioti Family Flag by NexusHit Adrian Hoxha
  • Kastrioti Family Flag by NexusHit Gjin Shala  Skull and crossbones
  • Kastrioti Family Flag by NexusHit Petro Blakaj
  • Armata Kombetare Azem Kuçova
  • Armata Kombetare Hajdar Krasniqi
  • Albanian liberation army Vladimir Koçi
  • Albanian liberation army Asllan Vrioni
  • Albanian liberation army Luan Ajeti
  • Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Milan Gjokajović
  • Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Nikolla Prifti
  • Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Agim Jashari

650,000~ Soldiers

  • 20,346~ Military Police
  • 2,500~ artillery pieces
  • 6,291 APCs
  • 5,210 tanks
  • 1,764 fighter-bombers
  • 873 helicopters

120,000~ fighters

Casualties and Losses

Flag of SFR Yugoslavia JNA 29,391~ Soldiers KIA

  • 15,000+ Wounded

Flag of SR Albania SRA

  • 3,200+ MP's KIA

36,547 Fighters killed

  • 5,341—7,215 Civilians killed
  • 220,000+ Albanians internally displaced
  • 100,000-200,000 Albanians externally displaced

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