Timeline: St. George's Night

OTL equivalent: Scotland, minus Lothian and the southern Lowlands, plus the Isle of Man.
Flag of Scotland
Alba shown in purple, with fellow members of the Celtic League in blue.

Nemo me ipmune lacessit. (Latin)
("No one provokes me with impunity.")

Anthem "Scotland forever"
Capital Stirling
Largest city Glasgow
Other cities Aberdeen
Language Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Norn
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Flemings, Norwegians, Irish
Demonym Scottish
Government Kingdom
  legislature Parliament
King Alexander IV
Established 800s
Independence from Denmark, Livonian Order
  declared 1296
  recognized 1357
Currency Scottish pound

Alba (Gaelic), or Scotland (Scots), is a nation located in the northern half of the British isles. Founded by the MacAlpin dynasty, a Dalriadic ruling house which subjugated the Pictish inhabitants of northern Britain, Alba dates back to the 800s, and has a survived invasions by Vikings and Angles. More recently, Alba has acted as the leader of the Celtic League, in rivalry with Anglia to the south, and remains a significant naval and mercantile power.

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