The Tsar Mikhail I (FA-A11) was an Alaskan Navy aircraft carrier operating between 1953-1984, and was the flagship of the Alaskan Navy for the first twenty years of its service. Built as part of Yakov Sighovaryin's push to replace the increasingly outdated and decrepid Alaskan fleet, the Tsar Mikhail I was built at the Petropavlovsk naval yards with a keel laid down in 1950 and the main hull finished by early 1953. It was designated as Avianosec-11, making it the first carrier of its class, later referred to as the Tsar class of carriers. Its design was heavily based on contemporary American and Oceanian vessels. While commissioned and launched from Petropavlovsk, Tsar Mikhail I became the lead vessel of the Alaskan Atlantic Fleet, being based out of Novomoskva on Greenland. After it was replaced as flagship by the more modern Yakov Sighovaryin in 1973, it served as part of the US Third Fleet Joint International Task Force in the Pacific Ocean, before being decommissioned in Unalaska in 1984 after 31 years in service. It was scrapped for parts at the Petropavlovsk yards shortly thereafter.

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