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Alaskan Russian
аляскинско-русские говоры
русский язык на Аляске
Spoken in Alaska
Native speakers ~60 million  (2017)
Language family
Writing system Cyrillic (Russian alphabet)
Russian Braille
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Location of Alaska (Russian America)

Alaskan Russian (Russian: аляскинско-русские говоры, alyaskinsko-russkiye govory) refers to a set of dialects of the Russian language which are spoken across Alaska and neighboring parts of North America. The Alaskan Russian dialects were influenced by the Russian settlers of Russian America, with some influences from English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and various native languages of North America (among others).


The most recognizable features of the Alaskan Russian dialects include:

  • The separation distinction of the the vowels /a/ and /o/ when unstressed (okanye).
  • Хорошая собака пьёт воду. (The good dog drinks water.)
    • Standard Russian = /xaroshaya sabaka pyot vadu/
    • Alaskan Russian = /horoshaya sobaka pyot wodu/