Movement for Independence of Alaska
Движение Для Аляски Независимости Movimiento por la Independencia de Alaska Bewegung für Alaskan Independence
Secretary-General Vladimir Boshko
Founder Francisco Ermando
Founded 13 December 1979
Headquarters City Building, New Archangel Alaska, United States
Youth wing Аляска совет Правительство Интернет
Ideology Independence (or Separatism), Alaskan nationalism, Left-wing nationalism, Guided democracy
Political position left to Center (Pro-Military Junta)
International affiliation none
Official colours Crimson and DodgerBlue
Party flag
Movement for Independence - Alaskan Terorist Forces (in Russian: Аляска движение за независимость - Fuerzas Akzunne) was the main political party and armed movement that fought for independence of Alaska from United States

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