The Alaskan Expansion Party (Russ: Аляскинская Партия Экспансионистская/Alyaskinskaya Partiya Rasshireniya), also sometimes referred to by its acronym APE/АПЭ, is a center-right Alaskan political party, one of the ten major Alaskan political parties, currently sitting in a coalition with the Moderate Party as the controlling coalition in the Alaskan Duma. The party controls 48 of the coalition's 202 seats. As the Moderates' "sister party," the APE represents the right wing of the Center Coalition and includes many disaffected, pro-business conservatives, and is known for its ties to the natural gas industry. Many have suggested that the APR merge with the Moderates in order to influence the more left-leaning UPA, although this has yet to occur as of 2012.

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