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Новороссийская Демократическая Республика
Democratic Republic of New Russia
Timeline: Russian America
Preceded by 1923 — 1929 Succeeded by
Flag Flag of Alaska (Russian America)
Russian Border Guard Flag of the Alaskan Democratic Republic (Russian America)
Flag (1923-1927) Flag (1927-1929)
Map of the Pacific Northwest 1923 (Russian America)
Map of New Russia (top yellow).
(and largest city)
New Archangel
Language Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Government Unitary republic
Currency Chervonets

The Democratic Republic of New Russia (Russian: Новороссийская Демократическая Республика, Novorossiyskaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika), commonly abbreviated as the D.R.N.R. (Н.Р.Д.Р., N.R.D.R.) and also known as the Sitka Republic (Ситкинская Республика, Sitkinskaya Respublika), was a former country that corresponds to modern day central Alaska (in what is commonly known as New Russia).

The DRNR was established in 1923 out of the conservative regions of the former Alaskan Republic. The first government (which lasted until 1926) was a dictatorship and an Eastern Orthodox theocracy (while not classified as one at the time, many historians now regard this government as a quasi-fascist state). Very little was done during this period in regards to infrastructure and economy, as much of the time the government was continually fighting an ongoing war with neighboring Communist Alaska.

The regime fell in 1926 after the assassination of the nations dictator. Following the collapse, a new government was quickly established as a democracy. A ceasefire was established with the ASR, and the economy began to improve. Under the new leadership, moves towards reunification of Russian America grew in popularity. In 1929, New Russia and Oregon united to form the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic.

New Russia remained a solid governorate of Alaska until 1940 when the region was divided into five smaller governorates: Kenai, Kodiak, Sitka, Tongass, and Yakutat.