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Republic of Alaska
Республика Аляска
Timeline: Two Americas

OTL equivalent: Alaska
Flag of Alaska
Flag of Alaska
Capital New Archangel
Largest city Anchorage
Other cities Kodiak, Unalaska
  others Aleut, English, Inuit
  others Protestantism, Islam, Indigenous religions
Demonym Alaskan
Government Unitary presidential republic
Vice President
Area 1,717,854 km²
Population 626,932 
Currency Ruble (AKR)
Calling Code +72
Internet TLD .ak
Organizations United Nations

Alaska (Russian: Аляска, Alyaska), officially known as the Republic of Alaska (Республика Аляска, Respublika Alyaska), and known as Alyeska in some English references, is a constitutional republic located on the northwestern portion of North America. Alaska borders Canada to the east, and a maritime border with Russia to the west.

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