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Russian Empire
Rossiyskaya Imperiya
Timeline: Siegreich
Flag of Russia Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire
Flag Coat of Arms

S nami Bog! (Russian)
("God is with us!")

Anthem "Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!"
Capital Novoarkhangelsk (New Archangel)
Largest city Ross
Language Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
Demonym Alaskan and/or Russian
Government Semi-presidential federal constitutional republic
Tsar Grigori I
Chairman Sergey Mironov
Area 663,268 sq mi

(1,717,856 km2) 

Population 17,312,413 
Currency New Alaskan Ruble
Internet TLD .ak
Alaska, officially the Russian Empire, is a sovereign state in North America. Formerly based in constituent Russia, the Russian Empire is now regulated to the former Russian colony of Alaska.

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