Tsardom of Alaska
Timeline: Qu'il Tous

OTL equivalent: Alaska, nearby areas of Canada
In the dark Brown
Capital Sitka
Largest city Sitka
Other cities Chevak, Fort Stikine, Ounalashka, Nikolaevsk, Uaithors
Language Russian, Native Languages
Demonym Alaskan
Tsar Dimitri III
Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff
Currency Alaskan Ruble

The Tsardom of Alaska, usually referred to as simply Alaska, is a monarchy located in North America, that borders the Dominion of Rupert's Land, usually referred to as Rupertsland, to its southeast. The current Tsar is Dimitri III, eldest son of the late Paul II, himself the son of Dmitri II, a cousin of the last Russian Tsar.


Government and Politics


The Tsardom is divided into five Oblasts, and a capital district around Sitka itself. These Oblasts are:

  • Aleutia - capital Ounalashka
  • Bering - capital Chevak
  • Kenai - capital Nikolaevsk
  • Sitka - capital Fort Stikine
  • Yukon - capital Uaithors


International Relations

Royal House

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