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Republic of Alaska
Республика Аляска
Timeline: No Napoleon

OTL equivalent: Alaska
Flag of Alaska (No Napoleon)
Flag of Alaska
Alaska orthographic map (No Napoleon)
Location of Alaska
Capital Sitka
Largest city Anchorage
Russian, English
  others Aleut, Inupiat, Yupik
Orthodoxy and Protestantism
  others Roman Catholic
Demonym Alaskan
Government Semi-presidential federal republic
  legislature Federal Assembly
President Sergei Glukhov
Area 1,717,854 km 
Population 11,348,460 
Independence from Soviet Union
Currency Alaskan chervonet ($)
Time Zone Alaska Time Zone
Internet TLD .ak

The Republic of Alaska (Russian: Республика Аляска), commonly known as Alaska, is a nation in western North America.




After the Klondike Gold Rush, the Russian government found potential in the distant colony. The population of the region had seen a population boom, with most of the gold seekers having moved to Kenai.

Independence movements

World War I

Independence and Civil War

Flag of the Alaskan SSR (No Napoleon)

Alaskan Socialist Republic

As the revolution began rising in Russia, many Russians sought refugee in the colony of Alaska. As the influx of Russians came into the land, many felt that the dissolving government in Russia after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas had no further hold on Alaska, and many wanted their own government to control their own affairs. As a result, the Alaskan Republic was declared in February of 1918, the third independent state in the nation.

However, as a result of increased immigration and an influx of the lower classes, many felt that going the way of the Soviet Union was their best chance at recovering economically, and avoiding a class warfare. In May, mass revolts and the disbandment of the democratic federal government lead to a coup d'état and the establishment of the Communist Party. The Alaskan Socialist Republic was declared soon after. It was the first communist nation in the Americas thus far.

Republicanism and recent history

Political subdivisions

Alaska consists of 11 districts:

  • Flag Bering
  • Flag East Aleutia
  • Flag Curyuk
  • Flag of Kenai (No Napoleon) Kenai
  • Flag Kodiak
  • Flag Koyukuk
  • Flag of Matanuska (No Napoleon) Matanuska
  • Flag of Sitka (No Napoleon) Sitka
  • Flag of Stikine (No Napoleon) Stikine
  • Flag of Alaska West Aleutia
  • Flag of Yakutat (No Napoleon) Yakutat
  • Flag of Yupikia (No Napoleon) Yupikia
  • more to come

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