Republic of Alaska
Республика Аляски
Timeline: Franco-American War
Flag of the Russian-American Company (Russian America) Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire (Myomi Republic)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Гимн"
(and largest city)
New Archangel
Other cities Kodiak, New Novgorod
Language Russian
Eastern Orthodoxy
  others Inuit shamanism, Catholicism
Demonym Alaskan
Government Constitutional monarchy
Internet TLD .al
Organizations League of Nations

The Republic of Alaska (Республика Аляски) is a sovereign state located in northwestern North America. It only borders one country, that being Canada.


Colonial Alaska

The first European vessel to reach Alaska is generally held to be the St. Gabriel under the authority of the surveyor M. S. Gvozdev and assistant navigator I. Fyodorov on August 21, 1732 during an expedition by Siberian Cossack A.F. Shestakov and Belarusian explorer, Dmitry Pavlutsky. Another European contact with Alaska occurred in 1741, when Vitus Bering led an expedition for the Russian Navy aboard the St. Peter. After his crew returned to Russia with sea otter pelts judged to be the finest fur in the world, small amounts of Siberian traders were sent to colonize the Aleutian islands. The first European settlement in Alaska was founded in 1784. Spain also sent numerous expeditions to Alaska as well; in 1789 the Spanish built a settlement and fort at Nootka Sound. New Archangel, a city on Baranof Island in the Alexander Archipelago in what is now Southeast Alaska, became the capital of Russian America. The Russians never fully colonized Alaska, and the colony was never very profitable. Evidence of Russian settlement in names and churches survive throughout southeast Alaska. During the World War, Alaska was a major battleground, specifically between the Russians and British. The United Kingdom was never able to annex Alaska, as during the Russian Civil War, the nation declared (and won) independence from the dying Russian Empire.

Modern Alaska


Tsar Maksimilian of Alaska

Shortly after winning its independence, oil was discovered off the coast of Alaska. This increased foreign interest in Alaska, specifically by the newly founded Russian Republic and neighboring Canada and Mexico. This gave the two nations much strength, helping them in the future American War. Alaska is a relatively stable, democratic state which makes most of its money off of oil. It is in a similar position to the Arabian states in which a reduction in demand for oil could be dangerous to the Alaskan economy, though not to the same extent. Similarly to that in Finland, a monarchy was implemented into Alaska, under descendants of the former throne of Baden. Maximilian of Baden would be introduced as the first Alaskan "tsar", purely a ceremonial title.


Ethnic groups

Number Group
1 Russians
2 Germans
3 Belarusians
4 Inuit
5 Ukrainians


Number Group
1 Eastern Orthodoxy
2 Protestantism
3 Catholicism
4 Inuit shamanism
5 Judaism

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