The Commonwealth of Alaska is a United States-administered overseas territory located in western North America. It is, along with the Commonwealth of American Polynesia and the Commonwealth of America Samoa, one of the three overseas territories of the United States. Alaska is sparsely populated outside of the cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and the capital at Juneau and is mostly known for its vast oil and timber reserves. As of a landmark 1987 treaty, most of Alaska's mineral negotiation and royalty rights were devolved from federal control to the massive Native Alaskan reservations that were estalished that same year.

The current Governor of Alaska is Sarah Palin, a Democrat, and Alaska's Commissioner Representative to the Congress is Mr. Don Young, who has held that post since 1973. Alaska has elected its own governors since the 1984 referendum on statehood, devolved commonwealth status or independence. Alaska, historically, is the site of heavy fighting for the United States both in World War Two against the Sino-Russian Alliance and in the 1983 Aleutian War.

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