The Alabama Crimson Tide football team represents the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in NCAA Division I football. As of 2012, the Crimson Tide have four consensus national championships (193_, 1989, 2006 and 2007), __ Southern Conference championships, and have an all-time winning percentage of .878, second-best in history behind Huron. The Tide also claim championships for 1926, 1952, 1963, and 1966, which are partially recognized but unofficial.






Year Head Coach Record Conference/Division Rank Bowl Game Final Ranking Notes
1989 Chuck Sawyer 11-1 1st W Paradise 1 National Champion
1990 Chuck Sawyer 13-1 1st/1st W Sugar 2
1991 Chuck Sawyer 10-4 (see notes) 2nd/1st W Peach 8 Two games initially vacated by NCAA; vacations later removed by appeals
1992 Gary Gessey 7-6 st/4th L Palmetto
1993 Gary Gessey 5-7 7th/4th
1994 Gary Gessey 3-9 10th/5th
1995 Gary Gessey 4-8 9th/6th Lost Manning Miracle game
1996 Gus Boone 4-8 th/th
1997 Gus Boone 5-7 th/th
1998 Gus Boone 5-7 th/th
1999 Gus Boone 2-10 12th/6th
2000 Bobby McGrady 6-6 8th/4th First non-losing season since 1992
2001 Bobby McGrady 8-5 6th/3rd L Palmetto
2002 Bobby McGrady 8-5 7th/3rd W Tangerine
2003 Bobby McGrady 10-3 3rd/2nd W Peach 13


Team Records

Total Team Offense (Season): 4,757 (2007)

Individual Records

Single Game Rushing Yards: Ontarrio Sypes, 233 yards (against Ole Miss, 1998)

Single Season Rushing Yards: Ed Giles, 1,756 (2005)

Single Game Passing Yards: Derek Chaffey, 401 (2008)

Single Season Passing Yards: Derek Chaffey, 3,488 (2008)

Single Season Sacks: Mike LaMont, 13 (2003)

Single Game Sacks: Nick DeLorenzo, 4 (2007)

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